BobbleHouse Industries


I’m Brad Wheedleton, Owner and Creator of BobbleHouse Industries. I’m just a guy who had a growing bobblehead collection that was getting out of control and wanted a better way to display and enhance my collection.

I came home one day after another bobblehead giveaway and placed my newly acquired bobblehead alongside all of the others and decided that my homeless bobbleheads needed to have a place of their own. And not just any place of their own… A place they belonged!

I spent that weekend creating the BobbleDugout and before long, friends were asking how they could get one, and then their friends, and their friends, and before I knew it… BobbleHouse Industries was created.

Take a look through the Gallery to see some of the exciting BobbleHouses and other projects that I’ve created and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for stopping by!