BobbleHouse Industries

He who works with his hands…

I’ve always said that I’m just a guy who likes to work with his hands creating things.  From a young age, I always loved making school science projects (with my parents help), from the styrofoam solar system to the  baking soda erupting volcano to an architecture project where I built a miniature ‘Cheers’ bar (to include the wooden cigar Indian by the front door).  There’s just something about being so focused on a project, that for that period of time, everything else fades into the background.  It’s just you, your tools, and your project.  It’s a calming experience that I am fortunate to experience every day.

For a long time, I was a laborer, according to St. Francis of Assisi.  Working with my hands at jobs that I didn’t love… just getting by.

Somewhere along the line, I started thinking about who I was and what direction I wanted to take.  Not an easy task!  Then one day, I had a Bobbleition.  It’s like a premonition but with a lot more bobbling involved.  So I got to work. Purchasing equipment, learning how to use said equipment, and fine tuning the product… striving for perfection in each piece.  All the while, trying to figure out how to run a business.  Also, not an easy task!  Have I figured it all out?  No.  Am I a Craftsman?  I’m working on it.

This is do know.  I love working with my hands.  I am also having to use my head in figuring out how to create and deliver the best product that I can.  And I can promise this… My heart goes into every product that I build for you.

Am I an Artist?  Yes I am.