BobbleHouse Industries

Introducing Tommy Bobbles

It’s been a wild and extremely fun first couple of years and we want to thank everybody who has supported us, spread the word, purchased ‘Houses’ for their homeless bobbleheads, let us come to their house in the beginning to measure their bobbleheads to be sure they would fit in the newly designed ‘Houses’, and on and on.  I’m so grateful and blessed to have such good friends and customers.

Last year was an especially good year for us.  We’ve had great opportunities to meet baseball players, donate to some great charities and causes, and had a record year in sales… All 2 of them! Somewhere along the line, I customized a bobblehead to become my mini me and act as the Company’s advertising model and marketing specialist.  Really though, he just stands around bobbling his head around in most of my pictures.  The more exposure he got though, the more people asked about him.  Interesting, I thought to myself.  So with the new year and growth, I decided it was time for a little rebranding… And Tommy Bobbles came to life!

It turns out that Tommy Bobbles was actually a former relief pitcher for the Virginia Wobblers.  He had a pretty good career going until he threw out his neck in the 1998 Bobble Series.  Unfortunate for his pitching career but great for a new career in the Bobblehead  Industry and we’re lucky to have him.  He’s now the face of BobbleHouse Industries and excited to help control the homeless bobblehead population!