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Introducing Tommy Bobbles

It’s been a wild and extremely fun first couple of years and we want to thank everybody who has supported us, spread the word, purchased ‘Houses’ for their homeless bobbleheads, let us come to their house in the beginning to measure their bobbleheads to be sure they would fit in[…]

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Helping Kids in DC

A few months ago, I was contacted by a former customer to see if I was interested in possibly donating a BobbleDugout to the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation to be auctioned at their 2016 Dream Foundation Gala. After roughly 2 seconds, I said, “YES!”  What an honor it would be[…]

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He who works with his hands…

I’ve always said that I’m just a guy who likes to work with his hands creating things.  From a young age, I always loved making school science projects (with my parents help), from the styrofoam solar system to the  baking soda erupting volcano to an architecture project where I built[…]

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ziMS Foundation Donation

  With a great group of Nationals Fans and friends (HSI), I was able to donate this personalized ziMS Foundation BobbleHouse to help fight MS (  Please donate if you are able! From their website: “As President of the ziMS Foundation, Ryan [Zimmerman] is excited by the prospect of giving[…]

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Biking for Baseball – Brad Donates BobbleHouse

Biking for Baseball

I donated a custom made BobbleHouse to a young man and his organization who is bicycling across the country to every baseball stadium to raise awareness for big brother and big sisters. Matt started his bike trip in Seattle on April 6th 2015, riding solo and unsupported for the 11,155[…]

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